The creation of Veggie Garden became a reality as a result of a shared aspiration between my wife and myself.

We love healthy foods. But, because of our busy lifestyle, we had to endure five years of eating take-out foods with our family, which included our two small children. We eventually learned the consequences of eating unhealthy when we realized that our oldest daughter frequently developed skin allergy problems.

Our family doctor advised changing our diet in order to correct those health problems. For the love of our children, my wife and I became fully committed to changing the way we eat and decided to offer only healthy foods for our children. This is how my family’s journey of a healthy diet began and since the beginning of that journey, we have been blessed to experience how healthy foods truly improve our body, mind, and spirit.

Through this life-changing sequence of events, my wife and I continually had conversations that centered around other people sharing in our positive experience of a healthier diet. Our focus led to the question “ Why not share the benefit of healthy foods and a healthier lifestyle with everyone who crosses our path!” As a result, my wife began preparing all-natural and non-chemical foods for all of our friends. Eventually, one of our close friends asked with excitement, “ Why not open a Chinese vegetarian restaurant serving all these foods which contained healthy ingredients?” My wife and I thought that this was a fantastic idea.

After giving it more thought, my wife insisted that we combine artistic meals with healthy foods! We immediately realized our aspirations with a plan of action. We found inspiration in the simple elegance of Chinese aesthetics. Therefore, we crafted Veggie Garden’s interior design and construction with our own hands and with the intention of creating those very feelings of warmth and tranquility for our ambiance.

It is our best wish for all of our customers to be able to enjoy a relaxing and restorative time in our restaurant and at the same time benefit from the healthy and delicious foods our chefs prepare which utilizes both love and dedication.